Travelling in Style

Many of us use the long summer months as the perfect opportunity to get away whether it is on a long cruise, a city break or on a sunshine package holiday. With flying to far-flung destinations now easier than ever, most of us love to indulge our itchy feet. Getting out and about with a bit of travel is also the perfect way to show off our own individual styles too but don’t forget about your style choices when you are travelling to and from your destination of choice. Continue reading “Travelling in Style”

Beautiful Beachwear on a Budget

When the sun is out during the summer months or when we are on our long awaited summer holidays, we love heading to the beach to soak up some sun, sea and sand, and basically to look and be looked at. The beach can really be just one big fashion show and even though you may be wearing fewer and more revealing clothes than usual, you can still show off your own individual style with your beachwear. Continue reading “Beautiful Beachwear on a Budget”