Playsuits on a Shoestring Budget

For the last 3 or so summer seasons or so one of the most popular fashion pieces has been the ubiquitous playsuit which has been seen just about everywhere. A modern take on our favourite summer dresses, playsuits can look carefree, fashion-forward and basically fantastic when you wear them right. And since they remain such a prevalent look it means that you can easily pick up a snazzy playsuit for this summer online or on the high street. From our favourite shops to supermarkets and more there is a dizzying amount of choice that will make getting a playsuit easy. Continue reading “Playsuits on a Shoestring Budget”

Beautiful Beachwear on a Budget

When the sun is out during the summer months or when we are on our long awaited summer holidays, we love heading to the beach to soak up some sun, sea and sand, and basically to look and be looked at. The beach can really be just one big fashion show and even though you may be wearing fewer and more revealing clothes than usual, you can still show off your own individual style with your beachwear. Continue reading “Beautiful Beachwear on a Budget”