Travelling in Style

Many of us use the long summer months as the perfect opportunity to get away whether it is on a long cruise, a city break or on a sunshine package holiday. With flying to far-flung destinations now easier than ever, most of us love to indulge our itchy feet. Getting out and about with a bit of travel is also the perfect way to show off our own individual styles too but don’t forget about your style choices when you are travelling to and from your destination of choice.

What you travel in is actually pretty important and should be practical and comfortable whilst still looking good. You don’t want to look like that person whose clothing is so revealing that they might as well be at the beach, nor do you want to be that person who looks like they are actually wearing their pyjamas. You have to strike just the right note, but it doesn’t actually have to be that hard. Here are some of our suggestions to have you looking great at the airport and on the flight this season.

Channel some of that Rivera chic with these fantastic wide leg tie trousers from one of our favourite high street shops New Look. In fetching navy, red and white stripes these comfortable but elegant trousers will have you looking chic whilst giving you the comfort of pyjama bottoms basically. Made from viscose, they are pretty much crease-proof and are lightweight too meaning you can stay cool even on stuffy flights. Pull on with an elasticated waist and the sexy side tie these super comfy but super trendy trousers are really reasonably priced at just £24.99, and boast pretty comprehensive sizes too running from size (UK) 6 to 18. You can get an even better deal on these by checking out a New Look discount code before you buy.

Layers are your friend so it is hardly a surprise that we are now recommending a loose and casual t-shirt to wear when you’re at the airport. We love this pretty pink layered t-shirt from fashion forward brand H&M that will look great whether you wear it with leggings or joggers. Available in white and grey, this is handily already layered but will give you a loose and chic silhouette when you are mooching around the airport. It only cost £12.99 making it another great lightweight addition to your wardrobe.

Summer travel is definitely easier than winter travel in that we don’t have to think about staying warm to quite the same extent and this means that you can wear some light and airy sandals that will also be dead handy when you are going through security. Sliders remain big news in the fashion world this year, so embrace the trend with these cute daisy sliders from one of the cheapest shops on the high street, Primark. The nude shade will show off a tan perfectly and the best thing of all has to be their incredibly low price of just £6!

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