Summer Handbag Essentials

Where would we be without our handbags?! Whether you sport a snazzy little backpack, a cross-body bag, a tiny quilted number or basically a sack that is akin to Mary Poppin’s magic one, we all love our handbags since they hold all of our essentials. You do need to remember though that what we should be toting around with us should change with the seasons, and what is a necessity to us in winter may not necessarily make sense in summer.

Aside from our purse, keys and mobile phones there are some other things that can be necessary depending on the time of year. If you are still carrying round that pack away raincoat and spare tights as a hangover from winter, then it is time to update your handbag with a few summer essentials. Read on to find out about some items that will be a great addition during the summer months.

During summer when the sun is more prevalent and of course much more powerful, it is a good idea to be prepared and to carry around with you a conveniently small tube of sun cream in a high protection factor. We love this one from beauty and skincare experts Avon since it is suitable for both face and body, is suitable for sensitive skin whilst moisturising at the same time, is unscented and non-greasy and protects from both UVA and UVB rays. In addition to all this it is water resistant and comes in a high factor of SPF50 meaning it is even suitable for kids. The 150ml size of the tube is handy for popping into your handbag without weighing you down, and means you can even take it on holiday with you in your hand luggage. Order this from Avon now for just £11!

In summer with a combination of sunshine, sweat and make-up as well as obviously sun screen, you can find that your skin as a result can look shinier and greasier than usual. Rather than completely covering that dewy summer glow with layers of powder which ultimately won’t do your skin any favours in summer, then throw some convenient blotting papers in your bag which you can use to soak up that excess oil. They refresh your skin without covering it up and will help to keep you looking your best in even in the summer heat. You can get the blotting sheets in the image for just £3.99 from Boots.

If your bag is large enough then you should really invest in a water bottle. Not only is it cheaper than buying a bottle of water daily, but it is better for the environment too. If you don’t want to heft around a huge water bottle, then we recommend one of these cute alphabet mini bottles from Matalan. Compact enough to not be a pain to carry but with a handy spout, one of these will be so handy and will ensure that you stay hydrated when you are out and about this summer. It costs just £4 too.

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